Shehrezade M. B. is a Toronto-based visual artist, originally hailing from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Schooled in the more traditional forms of art, Shehrezade received a distinction and scholarship within her first year at art school. However, she soon realized that she did not enjoy the cerebral focus that came along with academic painting, and found herself breaking away from the traditional conventions of art in both technique and subject matter.

Her signature style developed in early 2015, after she took on a highly charged, gestural approach to non-representational painting. 

Shehrezade creates her work by manipulating Resin and Pigment through various chemical processes, using multiple layers of resin to create depth and dimension in her work.

She accords the highest importance to her process, which gives her the freedom to channel her inner impulses directly onto the canvas. Her paintings are fuelled by the conflict between chaos and control that emerges from her unconscious mind.

Shehrezade’s work can be found in private collections across the globe. 


Each piece of art is one-of-a-kind and cannot be reproduced. To ensure authenticity, all purchased paintings come with a signed, catalogued and dated Certificate of Authenticity verifying that it is an original piece of art created by Shehrezade M. B. 



Steam Whistle Roundhouse Gallery, hosted by QWAC, 7 August 2018

Rock the Spot, Arta Gallery, 23 September 2018



Bored Panda, 2018

Edgy Minds, 2018 



Steam Whistle & Queen West Art Crawl Peoples Choice Award 2017



Queen West Art Crawl, September 2017